Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Local Bed and Breakfasts Welcome the First Annual Lancaster County Flower Show

It’s that time of year to start thinking about flowers for the Bed and Breakfast…I keep telling myself this as I look out back here in Lancaster County at the last of the snow slowly melting away. It seems that this year for some reason or other I just cannot wait to get out into the yard.

Each Spring Lancaster County seems to come to life with color. The first of the plants to go out are the pansies. All those fancy colors seem to brighten the grey early Spring mornings. And from there, it continues till the fall.

If you can't find what you are looking for in Lancaster County in the way of flowers, then perhaps you just may not need it! The varieties are endless, the colors are many and the beauty is beyond your dreams. The countryside of Lancaster County is dotted with greenhouses and nurseries. The choices are many and I find myself having to go to all of them in search of the elusive Himalayan Blue Poppy. I still have not found it!

This year I hope to find it at Lancaster’s new event… the first annual Lancaster County Flower Show. The New Holland Rec. Center will host this annual event. With the help of the Country Gardeners of Eastern Lancaster County, this promises to be an action-packed event for the garden enthusiast.

The show will have plenty of activities over the course of three days. From exhibits and speakers to demos and live music, the flower show will prove to be the "go to" event in Lancaster County for any gardener.

The garden show is scheduled for April 15 – 18. To find out more about the show visit the website at Happy Planting!

Submitted by Carl Kosko, Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast

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