Thursday, October 27, 2011

When to Visit a Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster County

Is there a good time to take a day or two off the harried everyday life we lead to enjoy the quiet and restful life afforded by a small business owner? The answer is a resounding yes.

Monday: Who likes this day? It takes hours before you realize you’re at work and then it’s time for lunch… if you took this day off, your day would start with a yummy breakfast, plans for a leisure day and hours of enjoying the many activities and sights of Lancaster County.
Tuesday: Just getting started day. Finally you’re able to sort out the things you forgot to do Monday… if you were off this day, food, fun and a feeling of fulfillment will travel with you as you wander around the Lancaster County.
Wednesday: What am I to do now? Always the Boss comes up with the most unusual request that needs to be done while you’re in the middle of your work… if  you took this day off, you’d be smiling, relaxing and maybe enjoying some of the best homemade ice cream that Lancaster County produces.
Thursday: This day is known as “over the hump day”… it’s also a great day to begin a long weekend. Lots of bargains to be found at the Outlets, “Broadway” quality shows to enjoy, local and fine restaurants to take a leisurely time together and then returning to your comfortable room.
Friday: The day you have been waiting for… a planned weekend visit to Lancaster County will settle all those tasks, obligations and bothers that have built up during your week of work… Friday’s in Amish Country is special with loads of shopping, theater and a great variety of eating establishments will make this day away memorial.
Saturday: What would you do around the home? Catch up on some repairs, watch your favorite college football game or sleep? … here in the leisurely living that Lancaster County is known for will not help you finish your repairs but will allow you to enjoy your game and get that needed sleep before the fun and enjoyment of wandering around the numerous shops, museums and historical sites.
Sunday: A traditional day of rest but our modern life doesn’t give us a chance to do that. How can you be ready for another week of work? … a well planned breakfast is a great start, then a few hours of reflection and relaxation. This day will be a perfect ending to a weekend of sight-seeing, watching the calm and unique life of the Amish and understanding that there is more to life than the “rat-race”.
Every Bed and Breakfast is a unique experience. You may stay at a mountain chalet, an Italian Renaissance Inn, 100 to 200 year old homes that seep with History or a working farm B&B. Innkeepers will greet you and be a wealth of knowledge and help as you plan your daily activities.

Submitted by Sarah and Tom Murphy, Innkeepers of the Walnut Lawn B&B

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