Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter in Lancaster County

Welcome to Lancaster County where you can share the many aspects of Easter. We will have the traditional Easter Sun Rise Services held at many churches throughout the County followed by the regular Easter Services. You might want to go to Sight and Sound Theatre for the Easter Show I do recommend you get your tickets ahead of time. You can spend Saturday before Easter shopping at the outlets or specialty shoppes for the gifts you want to take home. 
Then there is a train ride with the Easter bunny at Strasburg Railroad or the Easter egg hunt at Kitchen Kettle Village . Ahh, you say I want quiet, let your innkeeper  help you take a back road drive through the farmlands and see the Spring lambs by their Mother’s side, or the farmer out working ground, and watch the countryside greening and getting ready to produce a bumper crop for you to enjoy this summer and fall. We have it all.

Submitted by Vogt Farm B&B

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soap for Hope

Last week we attended the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers’ Conference, held here in Lancaster, PA. We learned SO much! Hey, even Innkeepers have to keep up with the latest and greatest information.
Attendees were encouraged to bring their used soap. “Used soap?” you might ask, “What on earth are Innkeepers going to do with a bunch of used soap?” Well, the innkeepers have teamed up with Clean The World Foundation.  

Clean the World has recognized that every year more than 5 million lives are lost to diseases that are completely preventable simply by hand washing and other good hygiene habits. Clean the World has made it possible for us innkeepers who would otherwise throw away hundreds if not thousands of little bars of soap every year to get these cast-offs out of our landfills and into the hands of people who need them.

During the 3-day conference, over 300 pounds of soap were collected. Your Authentic Bed & Breakfast Innkeepers were responsible for donating well over half of that amount! So, when you stay at one of our inns, rest assured that any soap that you might leave behind is going to a good cause.

Posted by: Bob and Lynne Griffin, Innkeepers at the Australian Walkabout Inn Bed and Breakfast