Get a Chromebook

Get a Chromebook
Please check availability with the store or at before your visit.

Chrome devices are also available from PC World stores in the UK.

Online retailers

Any Chromebook

Starting from: $199

Google Chromebook Pixel

Precision engineered, inside and out


Samsung Chromebox

A compact home or office desktop

Only: $329

Samsung Chromebook

Thin, light, portable

Only: $249

HP Chromebook 14

Brilliant 14” screen

Only: $299

Acer C720 Chromebook

Fast, light, portable

From: $199

Acer C720P Chromebook

Fast, Light, Portable.

From: $299

HP Chromebook 11

Made with Google. For everyday.

Only: $279

Toshiba Chromebook

Balanced power and portability

None $279

Asus Chromebox

Chrome in a compact desktop.

From: $179

Samsung Chromebook 2

Fast, Light, Portable

From: $319

LG Chromebase

For everything you need, all in one place

From: $349.99

ASUS Chromebook C200

Lightweight and long lasting.

From: $249

HP Chromebox

Chrome in a sleek, compact desktop.

From: $179.99

Acer Chromebook 13

Long-lasting battery life

From: $279.99

ASUS Chromebook C300

All round performance.

From $249

Acer Chromebook 11

Light and portable

From $199

Lenovo Chromebook N20P

Reversible screen for stand mode.

From $329.99

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Brilliant widescreen display.

From $249

HP Chromebook 11 G3

Compact and colourful.

From $279.99

HP Chromebook 14 G3

Sleek and colourful.

From $299.99

Dell Chromebook 11

Compact and powerful

From $279

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